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Summer Owens
Summer Owens
Founder and CEO S.O. What!

About the instructor

Meet Your S.O. What! Success Coach, SUMMER OWENS

Known for her upbeat, “no excuses” personality, Summer Owens literally wrote the book on eliminating excuses and overcoming obstacles. Summer became a mother at fifteen, but she didn’t let that stop her from achieving her dreams. She graduated from high school, college, and business school with honors and was named Miss University with her son by her side through it all. And that was just the beginning.

After a fifteen-year corporate career, Summer decided to use her life’s challenges to help others overcome theirs. She is an author, speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur. 

Summer is the president and CEO of S.O. What! LLC and The S.O. What! Foundation and author of Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother and the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education curriculum which help people to make better decisions, overcome obstacles, and live their best lives.

An adjunct professor at the University of Memphis where she teaches marketing and the life skills course she was asked to create, Summer is also the Vice President for Communications of the National Alumni Association. 

She has delivered hundreds of motivational speeches, trainings, and workshops for organizations across the country inspiring people to eliminate excuses and live life to their greatest potential. 

Summer was named 2013 University of Memphis Distinguished Young Alumna, 2012 Fogelman College of Business and Economics Outstanding Young Alumna, and Top 40 Under 40 by the Memphis Business Journal. She also received the Women of Achievement Heroism award, the McDonald’s Community Hero award, Carter G. Woodson Award of Merit, Dress for Success Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, and Tri-State Defender Women of Excellence Award.



Confidence is the #1 success strategy in the world!

It is a skill and belief. And yes, you can train yourself to become MORE confident. I will show you.

IMAGINE - What would your life be like and how would you feel if you were MORE confident?

Think about the exam in school you would ace because you were confident in your answers and didn’t second guess yourself.

Think about the promotion or raise you would earn because you were confident to ask your boss.

Think about the ideas, the business or projects you were afraid to start - but if you were confident, they would become a successful reality.

Think about the opportunities or people you missed out connecting with, because you didn’t think you were worthy.

Think about the message, gifts or talents you have inside of you that the world needs to hear - but because you’re not confident - you’re stuck.

This is your time and season for a Confidence Breakthrough to you can conquer your fears, follow your dreams and get what you deserve.

This is your time to live a life of free of excuses or getting in your own way - and finally living a more confident life! This course will start you on your way!

Course Structure

We will meet live via zoom once per week. The lesson will be recorded and uploaded to the classroom following each class. Additional exercises or workbook supplements will also be added after the live class.

Course Schedule

Class 1                                   Welcome to Confidence Class  


Class 2                                   Understanding Confidence        


Class 3                                   Evaluating Your Confidence Level

Class 4                                   Building a Foundation for Self-Acceptance

Class 5                                   Practicing Confident Living        

Class 6                                   Confidently Going After Your Goals                                                 

No refunds will be given for this course.


Course Contents

27 Videos
1 Survey
6 Texts

Course Curriculum

Class 2 Understanding Confidence